Elektromos, napelemes sétahajó max. 8 fő részére

Electric cruise boat: “Naplopó”

Electric cruise boat: “Naplopó”

Small ship renting with or without sailor!


Let’s have an Eco-tour!          

Exclusive cruise ship equipped with 2 electric engines and solar cells on the roof is suitable for taking groups of 8-10 people, families to enjoy a real Eco-tour in the wilderness.

The ship can be driven without a license!

You can learn more from the terms and conditions of the renting here.

Prices and Booking here: “Naplopó”


Rental fee:

1 óra        22.000 Ft                                 

2 óra        38.000 Ft                                  

3 óra        49.000 Ft                                  

4 óra        58.000 Ft                                  

5 óra        64.000 Ft                                  

6 óra        68.000 Ft                                 

7 óra        71.000 Ft                                

8 óra        73.000 Ft

1 nap       80.000 Ft

Captain: 5.000 Ft/hour




Új Széchenyi Terv









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Email: info@okokikoto.hu

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